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Author:Greg Abel

The Social Privacy Wars: Redux

If you’ve had an eye or ear on the news about social media reporting, it looks like we’re in store for round 3 (or 4, or 5) of Government Vs. Social Media Giants. With the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal a faded memory in the review mirror,...


The Rise of Lo-Fi

It’s no secret that I hate the term “the new normal.” It’s overly simplistic and it sounds (to me at least) as incredibly defeatist. Another COVID-inspired phrase that rubs me the wrong way is “everything is going to change.” This one is beyond silly. Not...

People and Pets Zoom Conferencing

Meeting is Marketing, Too

Welcome to week whatever of Covid-19 quarantine. Despite how taxing this stretch has been on all of us, especially from a productivity / organization / scheduling / sanity perspective, it has also proven to be eye-opening as to just how connected we can still be, even...