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Greg Abel
Day Job Founder
Dream Job  Being Bill Murray
Back Story  Chapter One: media and account roots in the old-school advertising heyday at McCann-Erickson. Chapter Two: rocket-shot stint at global dot-bomb. Chapter Three: founder and master of simplifying the complex with seemingly obscure but shockingly effective analogies.
Animal Avatar  Jabberjaw
I like my Coffee  With whiskey. Hold the coffee (we call that “Irished up” where I come from).
Nicknames  As main Bestower of Nicknames, I’ve somehow grown a nick-proof Teflon coating. Or, maybe the team is protecting my fragile ego.
Guilty Pleasure  “Old” Bond movies (pre Dalton and Remington Steele) and the sweet sounds of Wham! (Wham!).
Out of Office  I putter around in a small plane, scream at football fields (or TV screens of football fields) and travel to places where I’m a bit out of place… at least for awhile.
Super Power  I’ve been told I can “talk a buzzard off a sh#twagon," I’m a master of crappy accent imitations and I can analogize and metaphoracate with the best of them.

Kelly Hackett
Day Job Managing Director
Dream Job  Psychiatrist / Performance Coach (ala Wendy Rhoades from Billions)
Back Story  Raised at big, global ad agencies. Became a client at a Fortune 10 company. Landed at Tailfin for the people – the perfect mix of smart and fun!
I like my Coffee  Black, and only 1 cup a day
Nicknames  Hackett, KH, Kel
Guilty Pleasure  Silence
Out of Office  Pushing food and cocktails on a steady stream of family and friends that flow in and out of our house
Super Power  Optimism

Alex Saiz
Day Job Executive Creative Director
Dream Job  Original plan was to be a professional soccer player. Then a touring musician. These days, maybe a studio musician with some voiceover work on the side.
Back Story  Undergrad at UCF (Charge On!), then Atlanta for The Creative Circus. Multiple gigs in New York then a circuitous route back to the city I love - ATL.
Animal Avatar  Cheetah
I like my Coffee  Iced in summer, hot in winter. 2 raw sugars and a splash of cream.
Nicknames  ‘A’, ‘Saiz’, and some of my close friends occasionally call me ‘Al’ as a term of endearment. But don’t get any ideas.
Guilty Pleasure  The post-dinner snack attack. I try to fight it, but it’s always there beckoning. Usually, it wants ice cream or a bowl of cereal.
Out of Office  Hopefully on my way to the beach (or the mountains will do, too)
Super Power  I always, ALWAYS have another idea up my sleeve. It’s sort of my creative calling card.

Liz Heard
Day Job Director, Head of Accounts
Dream Job  Living on a farm and running an eco-tourism small business. Think farm to table dinners, weddings, farm stays and experiences.
Back Story  (Mostly) proud Florida native, migrated to Atlanta in 2010 to work for Delta to start up their social media practice (back when brands let you tweet without lawyers – those were the days). Brief residency in LA, back to ATL ever since, working on both the brand and agency sides.
Animal Avatar  Chilli Heeler
I like my Coffee  Decaf. Please do not share your opinions
Nicknames  Moooooooooom
Guilty Pleasure  Teen drama TV
Out of Office  Cooking elaborate meals, beach trips, lots of quality family time
Super Power  Reading a room

Liz Nobles
Day Job Office DJ (and occasional designer)
Dream Job  Pet Influencer Creative Director for @meowmeowdali
Back Story  It all began at the end of a windy dirt road out in the country with an overactive imagination and a giant box of legos...and the rest is history.
Animal Avatar  Mermaid (according to a reputable online quiz)
I like my Coffee  Black as midnight on a moonless night
Nicknames  Noodle / Noodz
Guilty Pleasure  Reality TV to the likes of Mob Wives / Ja'mie Private School Girl / Jersey Shore, paired with double chocolate ice cream straight from the carton
Out of Office  Immersed in another art project, if not ferociously googling DIY tutorials
Super Power  Transforming coworkers' photos into magical visual creations (a.k.a. "photobombing" around the office)

Sara Lowe
Day Job Associate Creative Director
Dream Job  Woodworker / Zen Gardener
Back Story  Grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan (AKA Cereal City), looked forward to the World’s Longest Breakfast Table every summer at the National Cereal Festival, ate a lot of cereal. Now I have a lot of knowledge about cereal history, some design, some art direction, and a little advertising. Also, I don’t eat much cereal nowadays, but I’m sure they’re all still G-R-R-R-EAT!
Animal Avatar   Tiger-striped Giraffe 
I like my Coffee  With a splash of almond or oat milk
Nicknames  Sara LoLowe; Saraaaaa Loooooowe; S-Lowe; Saralizabeth; Slowe; Slizzowe
Guilty Pleasure  Reality tv accompanied with a heavy pour of wine
Out of Office  You can find me walking, riding my bike, enjoying the outdoors, or hanging out with friends. When I get a little extra time off, I really enjoy visiting my family and traveling.
Super Power  Knowledge of cereal history / optimism

José Estrada
Day Job Senior Art Director / pinch hitter Associate Creative Director
Dream Job  Stay-at-home-puppy-daddy / trophy-husband
Back Story  #3rdWorld meets #1stWorld. Stints @ #BigNetworks 4 #BigAClients. Freelanz #HereAndThere. Settlin' in #ATL living like #MadMen @theFin #FTW
Animal Avatar  Depends on the day, but swing between a Rainforest Jaguar and a Capuchin Monkey.
I like my Coffee  Medium to Dark Roast, usually black, but add coconut cream when feeling adventurous.
Nicknames  Hose, Josie, and the obvious Juan/Pedro (when in doubt). Clean shaven I become a whole new persona: Phil.
Guilty Pleasure  Brown liquor before noon.
Out of Office  Experiments in the kitchen, either cooking or baking.
Super Power  Dog whisperer.

Tim Smith
Day Job Senior Copywriter
Dream Job  Either getting paid to nap by a pool or a touring drummer surrounded by pyrotechnics. Let’s go with pool napper surrounded by pyrotechnics.
Back Story  I really don’t do back exercises. No story there.
Animal Avatar  Centaur with a pompadour.
I like my Coffee  Yes I do.
Nicknames  Mr. Wonderful
Guilty Pleasure  watching movies I’ve seen 1000 times, another time.
Out of Office  Listening to loud music. Either in concert or in stereo.
Super Power  Looking for a lost item all over the place and finding it in my hand.

David Rajecki
Day Job Account Manager
Dream Job  Indie game designer/story writer. Nothing quite like getting lost in a great fantasy/sci-fi adventure!
Back Story  Grew up in good ole “Hot-lanta” (please don’t call it that) and still love it. Solidifying my GA roots, I am a third generation Georgia Bulldog.
Animal Avatar  I’ve been told I was probably a Golden Retriever in my past life.
I like my Coffee  With hazelnut creamer
Nicknames  Rajecki, Dave, D, Davey, Raj
Guilty Pleasure  Oreos. They are a problem.
Out of Office  Hopefully playing golf or hanging out on the back porch with friends/family.
Super Power  Pulling random knowledge out of thin air!

Raven Poole
Day Job Project Manager
Dream Job  Dream Job - Renovating houses. I just feel like I was Joanna Gaines in another life
Back Story   Originally from Columbus, Georgia (most people only visit to go white water rafting – not me, not yet). Degree in Mass Media with dreams of being a weather girl, but working the news desk as an assignment manager matched my type A personality much better. 5 years later, discovered the wonderful world of project management. Dog mom to world’s cutest miniature schnauzer. Try to learn a new life skill every 6 months so I’m currently learning Turkish. Quiz me at the end of the year.
Animal Avatar   Nothing too crazy - a panda. They’re so chill but they get sh%t done
I like my Coffee  Iced with 4 hazelnut creams please
Nicknames  Rae or Ravie
Guilty Pleasure  Digging for just the pecans out of the butter pecan ice cream
Out of Office  Trying to check off a bucket list item. Ride on a hot air balloon is next
Super Power   I feel I have mastered remaining calm in the most stressful situations, but I’m definitely dying deep, deep down

Carolyn Donegan
Day Job Sr. Digital Strategist
Dream Job  Hot Yoga Instructor
Back Story  Started in advertising before Al Gore invented the internet. Greg's first boss. Transitioned from advertising to digital in the early 2000s, focused on that ever since.
Animal Avatar  Barn Owl
I like my Coffee  Drunk by someone else.
Nicknames  CD
Guilty Pleasure  Red wine.
Out of Office  Knit, workout, ride my ebike, waste an incredible amount of time on Facebook.
Super Power  Calm in the face of any storm.

Ashley McAlpin
Day Job ACD / Art Director
Dream Job  Travel Blogger
Back Story  My High School career aptitude test revealed I was perfect for either a career in advertising or a funeral director. I picked advertising.
Animal Avatar  The Kraken
I like my Coffee   Caffè Americano
Nicknames  Ash
Guilty Pleasure  kayak.com/explore (You’re welcome.)
Out of Office  Wandering.
Super Power  Using charades to explain maladies in foreign pharmacies.

Meredith Smith
Day Job Account Director
Dream Job  Sommelier + Professional Napper (in that order)
Back Story  ATL to UGA to NYC for grad school at Columbia. 18+ years in Global Marketing for a cosmetics conglomerate working with celebs and designers (yes, ones you know). Moved husband and 2 kids back to Atlanta (to protect sanity) and we're never leaving!
Animal Avatar  Colorful chameleon with cute dangly earrings! 
I like my Coffee  Never had a cup so unsure! But I do love a cup of earl grey tea with steamed milk.
Nicknames  Mer, Mimi
Guilty Pleasure  Watching the Bachelor with a VERY large glass of vino!
Out of Office  At the beach soaking up the rays.
Super Power  Listening and understanding people...it’s a skill!

Lynn Strickland
Day Job Financial Manager – who came up with that title?
Dream Job  Singing and dancing on the Broadway stage
Back Story  I have 2 daughters: one a student at & the other a graduate of Ga Tech – where I met my husband. We cheer for the Jackets, regardless of their record.
Animal Avatar  Octopus
I like my Coffee  Hot. Became a coffee drinker to stay warm in the Tailfin office.
Nicknames  Lynndala
Guilty Pleasure  Hollandaise sauce.
Out of Office  In limbo – we’re recent empty-nesters.
Super Power  Grammar.

Andy Anderson
Day Job Designer/Art Director
Dream Job  Professional Snack Taster
Back Story  Bounced around ATL trying the agency life, realized huge faceless companies are not worth the line or two it gets on your resume. Finally found a home at the 'Fin, where they keep my candy supply full and let me bring my dogs.
Animal Avatar  Anglerfish
I like my Coffee  Made of tea.
Nicknames  I don't think it's possible to make my name more ridiculous.
Guilty Pleasure  Most of the internet.
Out of Office  Dressed up in homemade videogame armor running around downtown Atlanta, sweating buckets and probably full of drinks.
Super Power  Got a totally normal story to tell? I can probably derail it with a related "interesting" fact.

Kati Phillips
Day Job Account Director
Dream Job  Instacart shopper. I love grocery shopping and would love it even more with someone else's money!
Back Story  Explored Ad Agency life after college and then went in-house with a consumer goods company for 9 years. After two kids and too many miles on my car commuting, I moved back to my Agency roots and started my second tour with Tailfin - 12 years apart and right down the street!
Animal Avatar  Cat. Specifically an orange Tabby. Specifically one named Bodhi.
I like my Coffee  To not taste like coffee. The more creamer the better!
Nicknames  Nothing has stuck yet, and I'm OK with that.
Guilty Pleasure  TV medical dramas & romantic comedies
Out of Office  With my kids - restaurants, breweries, home, Dave & Busters, Beltline. As long as it's kid friendly and sort of fun - we're there!
Super Power  Super sonic ninja hearing - or so I've been told...

Kerri Loudis
Day Job Director, Creative Services
Dream Job  Britney Spears backup dancer
Back Story  Spent 13+ years in NYC working with a mix of College Sports production, digital project management, and then digital advertising. I got tired of living in a place where the wind hurt my face, so I moved back to Atlanta. After a stint at Turner, ended up at Tailfin because I love the vibe!!!
Animal Avatar  My Spirit Guide
I like my Coffee  With Laird coffee creamer (Seriously, try it. It will change your life.)
Nicknames  Savage, Kerr, my kids call me Mom.
Guilty Pleasure  Wine. Though, to be clear, there is no guilt...just pleasure.
Out of Office  Highland Yoga, anywhere there is sunshine, my friend's 'FroPo' (Front Porch)
Super Power  Creating processes!!!

Sofia Iacono
Day Job Junior Designer
Dream Job  Paranormal investigator or cat cafe owner
Back Story  Semi recent SCAD grad trying their best
Animal Avatar  Opossum
I like my Coffee  Iced with oat milk and two brown sugars
Nicknames  Fia or Sof
Guilty Pleasure  Looking at houses on Zillow I know I’ll never be able to afford
Out of Office  Hanging out with my cats, reading, thrifting
Super Power  Being super adorable & cheering people up!

Tristan Otto
Day Job Account Manager
Dream Job  Stay-at-home amateur chef/furniture maker
Back Story  Grew up less than 2 miles from the office, and decided after college there’s no place like close to home! Started my ad career in media, but decided that spreadsheets and numbers weren’t quite all they’re cracked up to be.
Animal Avatar  Cheetah
I like my Coffee  In tiny little cups (espresso)
Nicknames  T, TO
Guilty Pleasure  Chocolate – I don’t buy it because I have zero self-control
Out of Office  Reliving my glory days playing lacrosse
Super Power  Mental math, but like fast

Shelby Gutenberger
Day Job Director Of Business Development
Dream Job  Lead singer in a rock and roll band
Back Story  Kentucky Bluegrass born and bred. Made Georgia home in 2004. Theatre and communication degrees turned into interests in sales, marketing, business development and a passion for healthcare.
Animal Avatar  Pony
I like my Coffee  Iced with oatmilk
Nicknames  Shelby Lu, Shelbo, Shelbs, Shel, Jobby, Jabby, Jabs, Wildcat Kitty
Guilty Pleasure  Wings + beer
Out of Office  Raising our 2 wild boys, Miles & Maddox in the city with my husband, Tim. When we aren't at the baseball, football or rugby fields, we are playing music with our group, Yes Ma’am - acoustic 70’s-flavored rock with a hint of southern charm.
Super Power  Loving people really big

Christi Motlagh
Day Job Web Consultant, Project Manager
Dream Job  Personal shopper
Back Story  The beginnings of my digital career were a bust. A dot-com bust that is. I left my heart, pride, and empty bank account in San Francisco in 2004, and headed home to Atlanta where my real digital career began!
Animal Avatar  Mama Bear
I like my Coffee  Decaf (lame I know)
Nicknames  Mom, Mommy, Mother, MOMMMM!
Guilty Pleasure  White wine, chocolate
Out of Office  Hopefully someplace where no one knows my nickname
Super Power  I have an oddly strong sense of smell

Ryan McGee
Day Job Account Supervisor
Dream Job  Either be a storm chaser or a famous reality star
Back Story  Born and raised in Georgia – went to UGA and love living in Atlanta. Also love to travel with friends and family as much as possible, concerts and festivals & fun restaurants/bars
Animal Avatar  Chicken
I like my Coffee  Black
Nicknames  McGee, Magizzle
Guilty Pleasure  Boxed wine
Out of Office  On an island with frozen margaritas
Super Power  Clap with one hand