Greg Abel
Day Job Founder
Dream Job  Being Bill Murray
Back Story  Chapter One: media and account roots in the old-school advertising heyday at McCann-Erickson. Chapter Two: rocket-shot stint at global dot-bomb. Chapter Three: founder and master of simplifying the complex with seemingly obscure but shockingly effective analogies.
Spirit Animal  Jabberjaw
I like my Coffee  With whiskey. Hold the coffee (we call that “Irished up” where I come from).
Nicknames  As main Bestower of Nicknames, I’ve somehow grown a nick-proof Teflon coating. Or, maybe the team is protecting my fragile ego.
Guilty Pleasure  “Old” Bond movies (pre Dalton and Remington Steele) and the sweet sounds of Wham! (Wham!).
Out of Office  I putter around in a small plane, scream at football fields (or TV screens of football fields) and travel to places where I’m a bit out of place… at least for awhile.
Super Power  I’ve been told I can “talk a buzzard off a sh#twagon," I’m a master of crappy accent imitations and I can analogize and metaphoracate with the best of them.

Chuck Carrier
Day Job Executive Creative Director
Dream Job  Gameshow Host
Back Story  Former musician who, at long last, decided to become an adult.
Spirit Animal  Elephant
I like my Coffee  Twice daily.
Nicknames  "Chuck" lends itself to many many nicknames – some obscene.
Guilty Pleasure  Brown liquor (although, I don't feel that guilty about that).
Out of Office   Playing with my sons. Or running. Or running with my sons.
Super Power  When it's needed, you'll see.

Suzanne Harkness
Day Job Group Account Director
Dream Job  Nat Geo Photog
Back Story  Transplanted from Toronto (I was just a year old, so take full credit as Atlanta native), learned and partied at UNCC, bred in big agency captivity, roam free at Tailfin.
Spirit Animal  Giraffe
I like my Coffee  Watered down, but hot as hell.
Nicknames  Shark / Suz
Guilty Pleasure  Travel, especially beyond our borders.
Out of Office  Breathe deep, see the world, savor the flavor, sip the wine, hike, bike and shoot (pics).
Super Power  Lighting and putting out fires.

Matt Mewis
Day Job What day is it? Designer / Studio Manager / DeeJay / IT Guy
Dream Job  Master carpenter & fabricator
Back Story  Graduated from UF with a BFA back in ’99. Moved to Atlanta in ’00. Freelanced for a few years. Joined Tailfin in ’06.
Spirit Animal  Golden Retriever
I like my Coffee  Sweet and creamy, in a diner mug.
Nicknames  Matty Ice, Mateo, Mechanical Matt, Matthew McConaughey
Guilty Pleasure  How Deep is Your Love – Bee Gees
Out of Office  Having fun with my family and friends. Enjoying a cold beer, red wine or bourbon–neat.
Super Power  I’m a pretty good skateboarder.

José Estrada
Day Job Senior Art Director / pinch hitter Associate Creative Director
Dream Job  Stay-at-home-puppy-daddy / trophy-husband
Back Story  #3rdWorld meets #1stWorld. Stints @ #BigNetworks 4 #BigAClients. Freelanz #HereAndThere. Settlin' in #ATL living like #MadMen @theFin #FTW
Spirit Animal  Depends on the day, but swing between a Rainforest Jaguar and a Capuchin Monkey.
I like my Coffee  Medium to Dark Roast, usually black, but add coconut cream when feeling adventurous.
Nicknames  Hose, Josie, and the obvious Juan/Pedro (when in doubt). Clean shaven I become a whole new persona: Phil.
Guilty Pleasure  Brown liquor before noon.
Out of Office  Experiments in the kitchen, either cooking or baking.
Super Power  Dog whisperer.

Will Hogan
Day Job Account Supervisor
Dream Job  Wine taster
Back Story  Born and raised in Atlanta, college in VA, stint in NY working for agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy, afg& and BBDO. Now back home with my wife, son and two dogs.
Spirit Animal  Black Bear
I like my Coffee  With a splash of milk.
Nicknames  Willheim
Guilty Pleasure  Watching Two and a Half Men marathons on Sunday mornings.
Out of Office  Hanging out at home with family and friends.
Super Power  Dog whisperer.

Caroline Baron
Day Job Traffic / Account Manager
Dream Job  Motivational Speaker
Back Story  Didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up. Got an engineering degree. Spent 5 years learning I’m not an engineer. Tried becoming a life coach. Finally found a home in the land of creatives & couldn’t be happier.
Spirit Animal  Spirit Animal quiz says I’m a Butterfly, so…
I like my Coffee  Black
Nicknames  CB
Guilty Pleasure  Cinnamon Buns
Out of Office  Love spending time with good food and good company, my doodle, and my husband.
Super Power  Following daily habits … I have a secret notebook of best practices for fitness, eating, facial care, you name it. #obsessive

Carolyn Donegan
Day Job Account Director
Dream Job  Hot Yoga Instructor
Back Story  Started in advertising before Al Gore invented the internet. Greg's first boss. Transitioned from advertising to digital in the early 2000s, focused on that ever since.
Spirit Animal  Barn Owl
I like my Coffee  Drunk by someone else.
Nicknames  CD
Guilty Pleasure  Red wine.
Out of Office  Knit, workout, ride my ebike, waste an incredible amount of time on Facebook.
Super Power  Calm in the face of any storm.

Liz Jernigan
Day Job Account Manager
Dream Job  Tap Dancer
Back Story  Saw a logo redesign in middle school and found my passion. Went to UGA, learned the business at a big agency and then found my people at Tailfin.
Spirit Animal  Otter
I like my Coffee  Black as the night sky in Midtown.
Nicknames  Lizzy J or “no, the other Liz”
Guilty Pleasure  Early 2000’s punk rock.
Out of Office  Explore – the woods, a new city, new music, any body of water. Kickbox. Knit. Eat mac n’ cheese.
Super Power  I’m really good at catching pesky mosquitos in my hand. It’s a powerful skill.

Liz Nobles
Day Job Junior Designer
Dream Job  All play, no work "job" like that guy Confucius says, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
Back Story  SC:🏡 That weird kid that doodles a lot. SCAD: ✈🎨🎓Another weird art student. ATL: 👓💻✌️Designer at tha ‘Fin (still pretty weird).
Spirit Animal  Jellyfish
I like my Coffee  Black with espresso shots please.
Nicknames  Noodle / Noods
Guilty Pleasure  Fluffy little dogs 🙊 😳 😩
Out of Office  Some other art project / plane hopping / local, underground music+art scenes.
Super Power  I can snapchat my cat pretty well. 😻

Zaire Fletcher
Day Job Account Director
Dream Job  Sun hat vendor on any Caribbean beach
Back Story  Bronx-bred, Atlanta-fortified. Sales and merchandising for a while, then quick stop in PR before nestling into marketing and advertising.
Spirit Animal  Penguin / Butterfly
I like my Coffee  Over ice.
Nicknames  EZ-Rock
Guilty Pleasure  Justin Bieber is ah-mazing.
Out of Office  Looking for pop-up farmers markets all over town. You find the best jams.
Super Power  I’m a mom.

Tracy Clark
Day Job Account Director
Dream Job  70s game show host
Back Story  Skin, bones, H2O, neurons, glorious highs, and decent failures, culminating into an absurdly fantastic life experience - and sense of humor.
Spirit Animal  Owl
I like my Coffee  Yes I do, I like my coffee, how about you?
Nicknames  TC, T-Race
Guilty Pleasure  Hobo font
Out of Office  Driving towards a body of water, playing all the music.
Super Power  Navigating unknowns.

Anna Freeman
Day Job Account Director
Dream Job  Hippy nutritionist
Back Story  The Golf Channel; needed a real job so found my first agency. Next 8 years doing events, product dev and sponsorships with Arby’s; Turner Broadcasting and then Tailfin.
Spirit Animal  Bear
I like my Coffee  Embarrassingly weak.
Nicknames  still waiting on one of those...
Guilty Pleasure  Napping.
Out of Office  Hanging out with my family and drinking outdoors as much as possible.
Super Power   Creating a good time.

Ashley McAlpin
Day Job ACD / Art Director
Dream Job  Travel Blogger
Back Story  My High School career aptitude test revealed I was perfect for either a career in advertising or a funeral director. I picked advertising.
Spirit Animal  The Kraken
I like my Coffee   Caffè Americano
Nicknames  Ash
Guilty Pleasure (You’re welcome.)
Out of Office  Wandering.
Super Power  Using charades to explain maladies in foreign pharmacies.

Michael Weil
Day Job Developer
Dream Job  Stand-up Philosopher
Back Story  I’m an Atlantan. GSU. Then designer with a heavy production slant; then prettier ad art with some big agencies and more and more web and programming projects. Now it’s mostly code and functions.
Spirit Animal  Opossum
I like my Coffee  Ice cold, looking and tasting exactly like Mountain Dew.
Nicknames  Mike (aside - nobody since HS has called me “Mike”).
Guilty Pleasure  Burger Win.
Out of Office   Fixing old trucks and old bikes. Audibly self-narrating daily tasks and occasionally bringing in a second character for color.
Super Power  Untangling knots.

Camille Wolf
Day Job Administrative Assistant / Office Manager (aka Mom)
Dream Job  Nat Geo Photog
Back Story  Mom and now Grandmom. Production background in printing with various printing companies and newspapers before joining this growing team of energy.
Spirit Animal  Turtle
I like my Coffee  Blonde and slightly sweet.
Nicknames  Camillard (yes, there's a story...)
Guilty Pleasure  Oreos
Out of Office  Playing with my grandson or heading out for a canoe/camping trip.
Super Power  Grandmother.

Lynn Strickland
Day Job Financial Manager – who came up with that title?
Dream Job  Singing and dancing on the Broadway stage
Back Story  I have 2 daughters: one a student at & the other a graduate of Ga Tech – where I met my husband. We cheer for the Jackets, regardless of their record.
Spirit Animal  Octopus
I like my Coffee  Hot. Became a coffee drinker to stay warm in the Tailfin office.
Nicknames  Lynndala
Guilty Pleasure  Hollandaise sauce.
Out of Office  In limbo – we’re recent empty-nesters.
Super Power  Grammar.