Meet the Team

Greg Abel

Actual Role: Executive Director, Client Services & Strategy / Owner
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Frustrated copywriter, frustrated food columnist, frustrated sports-talk-radio host and highly frustrated ukulele player
Typical Props: iPhone, “Stupid PC”, Bobby Brown-style phone headset, beat up Guitar, frosty beverage, plane tickets & passport
Personality: Plenty to spare. Is there an off switch?
Backstory: Chapter One, media and account roots in the old-school advertising heyday at McCann-Erickson. Then a rocket-shot stint at global Dot-bomb. Then, co-founder and master of simplifying the complex with obscure but shockingly effective analogies.
General DNA: Equal parts account, strategy, creative and crazy. Loves a clean white board, new toys and seemingly impossible challenges.
Soundtrack: Jurassic 5, John Coltrane, Waylon Jennings, The Clash, Def Lepard, Toots and the Maytals and Beethoven. On one playlist.
Pet Peeves: Being late (and “on-time” is 15 minutes early), “Correct” file naming, and people who love Aerosmith
On Fridays, you’ll find him: at Tailfin West, AKA Moe’s and Joe’s.
Catchphrases: “Odds are”
Wardrobe Constants: No laces. Ever.
Unknown Talent: award-winning chili chef, private pilot

Lola Carlisle

Actual Role: Sustainable Business Development / Executive Creative Director
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Senior Art Director
Typical Props: A funky coffee cup. Avocado and endive salad. Riding boots.
Personality: Bossy but nice.
Backstory: Fine Arts Degree with a minor in Geology – what do you do with that? With luck and some breaks from folks like Ben Lawrence landed jobs leading to positions in top international advertising agencies including some fun times in NYC. Graduated from Portfolio Center and enjoyed years of creative concepting. I get to work on with awesome clients and with the best creative folks in Atlanta, right here at Tailfin – where I focus on B Corp client development.
General DNA: Big picture thinker. Connecting dots. Understanding what makes others tick and what they need.
Soundtrack: Willie Nelson. Cat Stevens. Eric Clapton. Janice Joplin. Mark Knopfler. Cindy Lauper. Cake. Mumford and Sons. Johnny Cash. Phillip Phillips – cause he’s my cousin (distant though it may be) and he’s good.
Pet Peeves: Loud talking. Folks who drive slow in the fast lane.
On Fridays, you’ll find her: On the porch with a book and a glass of wine.
Interesting Fact: Cut firebreaks every summer on the family farm.
Catchphrases: It just feels flat to me. Wear a sweater.
Wardrobe Constants: Dressing up hurts me but I can do it.
Unknown Talent: Racking a hole in the ground on a Saddlebred.
Accompaniments: The most beautiful Wiemaraner in the world. A most beautiful and amazing daughter – who is an amazing kayaker, horseback rider and student at UVM . My husband who I love dearly – best man on the planet – environmental geologist, amazing kayaker, and just smart as hell.

Suzanne Harkness

Actual Role: Account Dictator, I mean Director
Sometimes/Fantasy role:
National Geographic photographer
Typical Props: Pantone coffee mug, latest arts festival jewelry find, camera, iP5, hiking boots, passport, lead foot
Personality: Open yet questioning, patient (you have to be), generous (most of the time)
Backstory: Weaned on Coca-Cola international then on to honing media planning skills before propelling to big agency account life – Austin Kelley, Fletcher Martin Ewing, The Buntin Group, Fitzgerald+CO – before landing happily at Tailfin
General DNA: Perfect blend of form and function
Soundtrack: Michael Franti, Counting Crows, Jack Johnson, Nat King Cole, Van Morrison
Pet Peeves: Clutter, run-on sentences, over complication, closed minds
On Fridays, you’ll find her: At Après Diem with a dirty martini
Interesting Fact: Born in Toronto
Catchphrases: Namaste, Needs more Tabasco, Are you serious?
Wardrobe Constants: Chic earrings, Shirts of all styles and colors
Unknown Talent: Building campfires
Accompaniments: Cats Presley and Rikka, big boys, 34 pounds between them.

Holly Peyer

Actual Role: Account Director
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Real Housewife, Beach bum
Typical Props: Desk lamps (count ’em – 2!), candy or something sweet, laptop with a desktop so cluttered you can’t see my family pic – but I swear I have 2 kids and husband behind there.
Personality: An “old soul”. Semi-reserved until I get to know you. Fiercely loyal. A bit of an over thinker. And, somewhat klutzy. (earning me nickname of ‘grace’ by my own dad)
Backstory: Graduated UF. Did the big agency, work on big brands thing. Started freelancing with smaller shops to get more work/life balance and haven’t looked back.
General DNA: Wife. Mom. Sister. Daughter. Friend. (Favorite thing in the world is spending time with all of the people that earned me those titles.)
Soundtrack: Coldplay, U2, Lumineers, Colin Hay
On Fridays, you’ll find her: Celebrating ‘Pizza Friday’ with best friends, and plenty of beer + wine (+ juice boxes now that we have kids)
Interesting Fact: Here are two: 1. Was valedictorian of my high school class. 2. I’m on the cover of a book. (ok, just my legs, but still!)
Wardrobe Constants: Tattoos (temporary – courtesy of my kids), Occasionally dons a hat (terrence trent d’arby or jason mraz style

Tracy Clark

Personality: Pragmatic, connector, softie
Backstory: UF undergrad, MBA from Georgia Tech. Did some time in corporate finance, did some really fun marketing and programming for non-profits and a local university, traveled all over the US to provide brand strategy to healthcare, insurance, banking, and higher education sector clients. Joined the awesome Tailfin crew in 2013.
General DNA: Musician, strategist, diplomat, asker of “why?” and “what if we did this___?” (obnoxious at times, but you can’t have good marketing and branding without it), advocate for branding as a marathon and not a sprint
Soundtrack: Extensive, but the essentials are: Peter and the Wolf, As (Stevie Wonder), and anything by The Smiths, Guided by Voices and Jackson Sisters.
Pet Peeves: complicated drive-through orders, indifference (particularly when it’s mine)
On Fridays, you’ll find her: playing music, watching Ted Talks, or driving towards a body of water (with Ned the dog as co-pilot)
Interesting fact: Once hung out with Philip Glass for an hour or so – amazingly nice guy
Catchphrases: Hiya, cheers, cool cool, perfection
Wardrobe Constants: double black sweaters, flips flops, ponytail holder, jewelry made by friends
Unknown Talent: Getting a car unstuck on the beach, meeting a drummer on stage and then immediately playing a show together.
Actual Role: Account Somethingorother

Anna Freeman

Actual Role: Account Director
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Master chef, nutritionist, therapist
Typical Props: Coffee, snack, notepad, wine (after hours, of course)
Personality: Laid back yet somehow also Type A, heavy on the sarcasm
Backstory: Graduated UF, got my start as a PA for The Golf Channel, transitioned to a ‘real job’ at an agency, spent some time in QSR and then more time at Turner Broadcasting before landing with a great team at Tailfin.
General DNA: Big picture thinker, collaborative, enjoy the ideation
Soundtrack: Ray Lamontagne station on Pandora
Pet Peeves: Poor grammar, apathy, tardiness
On Fridays, you’ll find him: on the back porch with friends
Wardrobe Constants: Jeans, ponytail
Unknown Talent: granola making

Chuck Carrier

Actual Role: Creative Director
Sometimes/Fantasy role: producer / music supervisor
Nickname: “Chuck” lends itself to many nicknames, some involving the F word.
Typical Props: Ticonderoga #2 pencil, coffee cup
Personality: The calm in the storm. Usually.
Backstory: After 10 years as a musician, I decided to grow up and get a real job. I got a foot into the advertising door as a project manager, then became a broadcast producer, then a writer, then an ACD, and finally a CD.
General DNA: Creative thinker, writer, maker of dumb jokes during client calls, new dad.
Soundtrack: Miles Davis Pandora station.
Pet Peeves: Non-dairy creamer.
On Fridays, you’ll find him: Drinking a glass of bourbon, playing with the baby (not in that order).
Wardrobe Constants: Jeans and one of my roughly four dozen, (mostly blue) plaid shirts.
Unknown Talent: Able to dock a boat with absurd precision.

Matt Mewis

Actual Role: Designer/Developer
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Carpenter, Furniture Designer
Props: Ole’ Blue–My ’78 Ford F-150, My skateboard, Brown Liquor, Red Wine, Cold Beer
Personality: Happy to eat cold leftovers and make people laugh
Backstory: Lawn Service. Restaurants. College. Set builder. College. The Skate Shop! Kate. Atlanta. Carpenter. Studio Manager. Freelancer. Tailfin. Chloe and Drew.
General DNA: Creating a better world through good design.
Soundtrack: New or old and any genre, I love discovering new music
Catchphrases: Yes
Accomplishments: Finding true love. Fatherhood.
Unknown Talents: I can burp on command and do it over and over and over and over again
Interesting Fact: 1.My wife is personally responsible for the formation of Limp Bizkit 2. My father and his best friend occasionally babysat for a young senator John Kennedy.

Jeanna Weeks

Actual Role: Account Manager
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Dog sitter / top chef / world explorer
Typical Props: Coffee cup, a giant Mary Poppins purse, Chapstick, snacks and several to-do lists
Personality: Laid back, outgoing and a little quirky
Backstory: Florida girl born and raised by the beaches on sunshine, sweet tea, watermelon and football. Graduated from THE University of Florida (Go Gators!) and moved to Atlanta for an internship which turned into my first big girl job at an ad agency. My best good friend told me how amazing Tailfin was after he made the move… I came, I loved it and here I am!
General DNA: My day starts with a good cup of coffee. I love being outside, hanging with family and friends, and new adventures. I’m always experimenting in the kitchen and up for a fun DIY project.
Soundtrack: A little bit of this and a little bit of that. I really do listen to just about everything!
Pet Peeves: Drivers who ride in the left lane going 20 mph under the speed limit or put their emergency lights on the moment it rains… /rant
On Fridays, you’ll find her: exploring one of the good eats Atlanta has to offer (I have a never-ending list of places to try that I’m constantly adding to) or relaxing on the patio with a good drink and pizza
Wardrobe Constants: Comfort first… jeans, big sweaters and braids
Unknown Talent: The art of carry-on packing, card making (think back to 1st grade arts and crafts) and weekend brunching

Lynn Strickland

Actual Role: Financial Manager
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Plumber
Typical Props: Calculators, plungers, Corporate Amex card
Personality: Depends on who you ask
Backstory: Corporate track once upon a time; second time around found myself in the advertising world. Love to watch and hear the creative juices flow, while I sit in the background and count beans and wear blue jeans.
General DNA: PC by day, but mac by night.
Soundtrack: Whatever is playing over on the account side; Taylor Swift when daughters are in the car; More country if I ever cleaned up my play lists, but it’s still full of Hillary Duff and Disney movie soundtracks.
Pet Peeves: People who call us and say “someone just called me from this number but didn’t leave a message…”
On Fridays, you’ll find her: With my husband, driving high school daughter to and from…
Wardrobe Constants: No heels. Love them but hate wearing them.
Unknown Talent: Cooking, even if it’s Eggs Benedict from scratch to serve 75…

Liz Nobles

Actual Role: Junior Graphic Designer
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Ninja
Props: Cheez-its and throwing stars.
Personality: Awesome Sauce
Backstory: It was all a dream…
General DNA: Do great work.
Soundtrack: Nicki. All day every day.
Catchphrases: Mad Skillzzzz.
Accomplishments: Killing it. All day every day.
Unknown Talents: I’m actually a ninja.
Interesting Fact: Did I tell you I’m a ninja.

Erin Fagan

Actual Role: Traffic Manager / Designer
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Artist (I love to draw), Yard-Saler, Zumba + Kickboxing enthusiast, Storm-chaser
Nicknames: e, e-money
Typical Props: Workout gear, boots, notebook, my mug of water
Personality: Pretty laid back but a bit saucy
Backstory: I am a small town girl at heart, born and raised in a farm town in the Midwest. I have my BFA in Drawing and moved to Atlanta 9 years ago to go to the Creative Circus. There I achieved my professional degree in Graphic Design and have been in advertising ever since. I love that I’ve been able to work on the creative and account sides of the business as a hybrid. I love my career! I’m also known to always have my gym bag ready so that I can catch my Zumba class after work.
General DNA: I’m pretty down to earth and a very hard worker. My day usually starts pretty early (I’m very much a morning person). I’ll work or hang out with friends and definitely get a good workout in
Soundtrack: I like a bit of everything, but my real passion is sappy power ballads from the 80’s and 90’s
Pet Peeves: Over-talkers and Gloating
On Fridays, you’ll find her: Hanging at home with my two dogs, trying out the latest recipe I found on Pinterest, checking out a concert or art show
Wardrobe Constants: Dresses. I am very much a girly girl who likes lace, ruffles and sparkles
Unknown Talent: I have won archery awards (ok, so it was just one trophy and I was only competing against one person), I’m a grade school hula hoop champ and I love being crafty/artistic

Zaire Fletcher

Actual Role: Account Manager
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Basketball coach. Yes, I’m that mom in the stands…
Backstory: Bronx-bred, Atlanta-fortified. Sales and merchandising for awhile, then quick stop in PR before nestling into Marketing and Advertising
Soundtrack: Brandy, Toni Braxton, BabyFace, MC Lyte, Michael Buble and Diana Krall
General DNA: I live in the details. I’m known to ask “why not” a lot. Quiet at first, then be prepared…
On Fridays, you’ll find her: With the hubs at On The Border for Fajitas and Margaritas
Wardrobe Constants: Tweed train cap. Forwards or backwards, depends on my day…
Props: MacBook Pro, pink mouse, post-its
Interesting Fact: Named after the Ali and Foreman fight “Rumble in The Jungle”
Unknown Talent: Trophy-winning billiards player – twice
Accompaniments: Husband-Eric, sons Brandon and Miles, daughter Alexis and our spirited boxer-pug Jazmine

Camille Wolf

Actual Role: Administrative Assistant
Sometimes/Fantasy role:
Being younger
Typical Props: Camera, phone, cold drink
Personality: Quiet until I get to know you, generally love most people
Backstory: Mom and now Grandmom, production background in printing with various printing companies and newspapers before joining this growing team of energy 11 years ago.
General DNA: Love spending time with my family and friends, her mom calls her “her little bohemian”.
Soundtrack: Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd and anything Classic Rock
Pet Peeves: Cabinet doors left open and dishes left in the sink
On Fridays, you’ll find her: Playing with my Grandson or heading out for a canoe/camping trip
The dish fairy does not live here anymore
Wardrobe Constants: Comfort
Unknown Talent: I sing occasionally, better with a cold drink

Michael Weil

Actual Role: Web Developer/Designer
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Old truck hoarder
Typical Props: Jarritos soda (Taronja flavor). Any random 40-year-old auto part.
Personality: General troubleshooter know-it-all type.
Backstory: Newspaper > Book/Magazine Publisher > Agency minor > Agency major >
General DNA: Tinkerer, troubleshooter, puzzle solver, streamliner.
Soundtrack: Drive-By Truckers. Both Elvises. The Riverbottom Nightmare Band
Pet Peeves: Stretching a show/movie out of aspect to fill the TV screen. People who always say “literally” but always mean “figuratively”.
Wardrobe Constants: Hoodie. Chucks.
Unknown Talent: Paper mache and Cake Decoration.

Will Hogan

Actual Role: Account Manager
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Master chef and Mixologist / Sports talk radio host
Nickname: Little Buddy
Typical Props: Jeans, glasses, iPhone, La Croix and red wine
Personality: Easy going…until I’m not
Backstory: Born and raised in Atlanta, college in Virginia, did a stint in New York where I got my start in advertising – working for big agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy, afg& and BBDO – got married, moved back down to ATL and am currently loving working right up the street from my home
General DNA: Tidy, responsive, open-minded and a total lover
Soundtrack: A little bit of everything – Alabama Shakes, Band of Horses, Otis Redding, Outkast, 2Pac…etc
Pet Peeves: Interrupting people mid-sentence, one-upping
On Fridays, you’ll find him: On the back porch with a glass of red wine or a scotch on the rocks
Wardrobe Constants: Jeans…always wearing jeans
Unknown Talent: Dog Whisperer

Jose Estrada

Actual Role: Art Director/Designer
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Translator/copywriter
Typical Props: iPhone, tea, lumbar massage cushion.
Personality: What would you expect? A loud hispanic it is!
Backstory: Born and raised in the land of the eternal spring (Guatemala)/ full-ride college scholarship to Arkansas to study Illustration and Graphic Design / met wife / back to Guatemala / big name agency stints in Guatemala (McCann, DDB, Ogilvy)/ taught ESL, Art and Art History from Pre-K to High-School / settling down in Atlanta
General DNA: Black beans, corn tortillas and aged rum.
Catchphrases: “Back in the motherland…”, “¡Uy no!”
Unknown Talent: Percussionist
Accompaniments: Wife “Hot Red-head” Rachel.

Ashley McAlpin

Actual Role: Art Director
Sometimes/Fantasy role: Travel Blogger, T-shirt Designer
Props: shiny MacBookPro + retina display, Wacom tablet, CS6, glasses, Prius, backpack, bourbon
Personality: nerd, food snob, smart ass, flash packer, Kraken
Backstory: A Kentucky girl who has worked with global giants in Manhattan high-rises, to small boutique agencies in the hills of North Carolina. Has a smorgasbord of brands under her belt like La Quinta hotels, T.J. Maxx, Wachovia, Sealy, Miller Lite, Salvation Army, Hanes, Tanqueray, Twix, and a couple ads for the Vegas Tourism “what happens here stays here campaign”.
General DNA: Concept queen, believes even the tiniest brand deserves a big idea.
Soundtrack: Roger Miller, The Boswell Sisters, Yacht Rock, Doppelganger Snowflake
Catchphrases: “What the Hell-vetica!”
Accomplishments: Trekking to Everest Base Camp #1, Adventure Level Scuba Diver, The Legend of Zelda
Unknown Talents: piano, ukelele, pinball, foosball, guessing the exact number in Roulette
Interesting Fact: Once made s’mores with The Gambler.